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December 28, 2012
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Prussia was shock at the sight before him. "Ja come in. Vhat happened for all I know you could be tricking me." he said coldly. (name) looked up into his deep red eyes and broke. She wrapped her arms around his middle and sobbed into his chest. Prussia hesitantly wrapped his arms around her. "Prussia who's at zh- oh god what's appened?!?" France shrieked seeing (name) sobbing against his friend. Spain popped his head around the corner and saw the scene before him. "dios mio chica ware you hurt?" Spain said prying her off Prussia. "m-my m-mom MY MOMMY!!" (name) shrieked falling to the ground sobbing violently. "Frau vhat happened" (name) stared off into the ground with a glassy eyed look. "well,"

*flashback* (name) POV

"ahahaha loser" I said as I walked into my house. I sniffed and smelled a delicious sent "oh mother~" I sang as I walked into the kitchen seeing my mom cooking at the stove. "hey sweetie" she smiled at me as she set my dinner on the table. I ate happily "so Hun what did you do today?" I chuckled "heh well Prussia was doing something outside So I went to go "talk" to him ahah he's soo hot~" I said "I'm gonna go shower" I hopped upstairs into the shower. 
    About halfway through my shower I heard a scream. "mom?" I got out and threw on the pajamas and tank top I had set aside. I walking into the hallway and felt a weird feeling. "mom?" I walked slowly down the stairs and heard a door slam. I stumbled down and stood there looking at the scene before me absolutely mortified. The house was destroyed, almost every expensive thing was gone. But I didn't care about that, I saw my mother. My creator. The woman I would die without on the ground bloody and injured with a knife in the chest. "MOMMY!!!" I slid on the ground to her side. "(n-name) please don't cry baby" she said holding her hand up to my cheek. I started sobbing and I looked at the knife. I took grasp of it and pulled it out as fast as possible. The wound started bleeding I covered it it's my hands trying to stop it. "mom I'm g-gonna go g-get *hic* bandages please h-hang on." I ran upstairs frantically looking for the bandages "YOU LITTLE BASTARDS WHERE ARE YOU!!!!" I screamed frantically. I searched and found one roll of them. I ran back downstairs to my mom. "mom I got th- mom mommy wake up" I said shaking her with tears spilling over "mommy I promise you I will find and kill whoever did this." I stood up and wiped my eyes. "I need to get help" I pondered on who to go to I could trust. "PRUSSIA" I started towards the door and looked back at my mom and stifled a sob. I ran across the yard to Prussia's  house scared that the killed was till around. I knocked rapidly at the door and it opened to revile Prussia.

*end of flashback*

You where now sitting on the couch being held by spain who was slightly crying. France was shocked and had sympathetic look in his eyes. Prussia had a stone cold poker face. "(name) can I talk to you in zhe other room." Prussia said standing and walking upstairs to his room with you behind. He shut the door and looked at you. 

Here's # 2 Hop you like it
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