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April 25, 2013
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"Hey Alfred~" the cute little nation smiled up at the tall American. "Hey (name)!!" He yelled kneeling down and hugging her. (Name) blushed and giggled. "So how are ya enjoying the nation party?" (Name) looked around at all the nations around the park, throwing footballs, arguing and having a good time. "It's fun!" Alfred smiled at how cute she was. "(Name)!! Come er' lassie!" (Name) saw Scotland calling her over. She quickly said bye to Alfred before running to the Scottish man. "Scottie!!" (Name) squeaked jumping into his arms. "Ahah ey lassie how ar' Ye doin?" She giggled at his accent "I'm great!" Just then the BTT walked behind them soaked and holding water guns. "Ey!! Did you guys bring your swimsuits?" Spain asked. (Name) smiled "yeah I did! England has it, BRB!!" (Name) jumped out of Allistors arms and ran to go get England. "Ah still canne believe England got the cute little thing." Allistor said "Sí." France scowled at the thought. "She was almost mine." Gilbert laughed "Ja, almost."

  "ENGLAND!!!" England whipped and saw his cute little nation running towards him. "Yes poppet?" Arthur smiled warmly kneeling down to reach her tiny height. "Can I please have my swimsuit?" Arthur nodded and pulled the bundle of cloth out of his pocket ((your tiny so the swim suits tiny)) (name) said thanks before running to the bathroom to change. As she slipped her normal cloths off and pulled on the bottoms, she attempted to tie the strings for the top piece. "Can I help you with the??" She heard the Hungarian woman come in fallowed by Belgium. "Oh your so cute (name)!" Bella said as Eliza tied the strings. "There you do Hun~" "thank you!" (Name) ran out of the room and went back to the BTT and Scotland. "Ooooo (name) chu lookin so fine!!" Spain said smiling "hehe thanks~!" (Name) grabbed the water gun from Gilbert and the war began.

*time Skip*

Gilbert and (name) where the only two left and they where in ninja mode. Suddenly Gilbert launched at (name) and she shrieked and pulled the trigger in her water gun. Everything went silent. (Names) eyes where as wide as dinner plates. She had missed Gilbert but had shot someone who wishes for her death. "OHMYGOSH NATALIA IM SO SORRY IM SO SORRY!!!!!" (Name) shrieked and cried "you little twit." Natalia hissed as she looked at (name) with Death dripping out of her eyes. "....please don't kill me" (name) felt tear start to well up as she backed away as the scary women came closer. Natalia got close and raised her hand, (name) closed her eyes preparing herself for pain. Seconds which felt like hours passed, and nothing cameo (name) slowly opened her eyes and saw a shocking sight. Russia had Natalia hand which was intended to be used to hurt me in a bond crushing grip and had his other arm baring a metal pipe prepared to swing at any moment. "If you threaten, touch, talk, look at or breath near my little sunflower again I will put this pipe through your head, Da?" Russia was furious "But Big broth-" "DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!?" Belarus nodded so fast her neck looked ready to snap. Ivan released her and watched her sprint away. Russia calmed down. (Name) ran and hugged his legs "THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!!!!" (Name) shrieked crying into his pant leg.  "(Name)?!? Are you alright love?!" England franticly said as he checked you for injuries. "Da, she is okay." Russia dead pined "Ivan thank you so much" Arthur said sincerely. Russia nodded.

Time skip**** ((night time~))

Every nation sat on the grass waiting for the fireworks to begin. (Name) sat in Russia's lap. "(Name) come sit with meeeeee" Alfred whined "no she's sitting with me!" Russia said. "Alfred come here," (name) said pointing to the spot right next to Ivan. They both growled at the thought. "Oh stop it!! Just sit!" (Name) said annoyed at they're hatred. Alfred sat next to Ivan and patted his lap. (Name) shook her head. "Sit RIGHT next to eachother and put your legs flat." They did as asked and (name) moved and sat half on Ivan and half on Alfred. "Heheheh~" (name) giggle leaning back of the muscular men. Suddenly the fireworks light up the pitch black sky. "Oooooo" "ahhhh" (name) was in awe, she had never seen fireworks before. Suddenly two hands lifted (name) off the Russian and American. "Hey?!" She looked to see Scotland carrying her over to the BTT. The three men sitting on the grass smiled and welcomed her. Scotland stood behind the and lifted her up to sit on his shoulders. "This is amazing!!" (Name) shrieked full of joy and bliss. "Aye it is lassie~" Scotland said watching. "Hehehe France that firework looks like a pen- OW!" Gilbert was cut off by a kick in the head from Arthur. "Watch your mouth!" (Name) giggled and reached for her Father. Arthur held (name) in his arms as they watched the fireworks explode across the sky.    
I'm supposed to be writing poetry for school....I did this instead ^_^
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s1mr4n Featured By Owner Edited Nov 9, 2014
'Ooooo Simran chu lookin fine!'

Pedo Spain like always.......lewrl I'm the micro nation of Ibrosia, which is located in Scotland,Uk
So I has big brother Scottie, big brother Iggy, big brother Francey-pants, big brother Alfie and big brother Mattie

So many brothers......... Imma bebe sister then

Cute story doe!
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Satanic pentagram? Pentahedron? Penultima?
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